Find Your Dream Home

Buying the right home can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right plan in place.

Our strategies will help you buy the right home, in the right location, for the right price.


Beginning with you

Imagine living in your dream home and the lifestyle that it gives you – that cup of coffee on the patio, entertaining your friends, or a quiet retreat all your own – the special things that make it YOUR dream. Our group works with every client individually – taking time to understand your unique needs and lifestyle, so we can help make your dream home YOURS!

Mortgage and Lender Network

If you need help getting your pre-approval process started, or help shopping for a lender, we can provide you with a list of dependable, local go-to lenders that you can contact.
We always recommend interviewing lenders – not all lenders and loan packages are the same.

Shopping for your home

We love to shop! And because we preview homes and do the leg work up-front, we can save you time, and make your experience more enjoyable. We have also been known to door-knock neighborhoods to find homes for our clients… it’s a great way to uncover hidden opportunities.

Negotiations – Getting it Right

We do our homework, evaluate market conditions, and ask the right questions to maximize your knowledge of the seller’s needs and property condition. By combining our knowledge and negotiation skills into a winning combination of strategy and style, we position you to make a great purchase.

Inspection and Repairs

Uncovering items in need of repair is a valuable precaution that we always recommend, and we always recommend hiring a professional home inspector. We help coordinate the inspection and handle the negotiation of repairs that you would like the seller to address.

The “home stretch” to Closing

Timely and consistent communication is critical to your home selling process. We keep you in-the-loop, prepare you for all the nuances of the closing process, and monitor the progress of lenders and appraisals right up through closing. We are committed to your success.